Resistance impulse meter of type IMR-6

Resistance measurement device IMR-6 uses its own single test probing pulse lasting approx. 40 ms with a maximum voltage of 100 V DC and a maximum current of 100 A, depending on the resistance of the circuit. Fully charged battery is sufficient for more than 100 field measurements.

Unique advantage of the meter is two wires (probes) measurement method, where the current probe with known resistance is used (railway or tramway running rails, return shield of HV cables or neutral wire N of LV network). IMR-6 allows accurate measurements of earth resistance in an urbanized area without the commonly used voltage probe.

The unique algorithm of calculating the measured earth resistance or short-circuit loop eliminates the influence of AC and DC stray (equalizing) currents and their harmonics, circuit inductance and the DC component occurring before the measurement.

Meter IMR-6 features with other options related to the measurement of earth resistance, including soil resistivity.